Wed, May 26

I have two new interesting experiences to share with you.

The first is that I got to finally see the famed naked sun bathers of the English Garden.  Apparently it is illegal to sun bathe naked in the park, but the opposition to the law has been so strong over the years that the police have acquiesced to the naked population.  Now mind you these were all different body types out there, similar to what you would experience on a naked beach in Greece perhaps and it was still quite cold out yesterday when I saw them, so I am sure once it gets even warmer they will be out in droves.  I really doubt this could happen in Central Park, we can’t even have open bottles of beer unless it is an organized fenced in event.

The other was that I was invited with Dina the gallery owner to a party at the man’s home who introduced me to Larry Rindler of the Whitney.  It was to announce the work he has been conducting on an old factory space in Leipzig for artists residencies and exhibitions.  I got to hob knob with the who’s who of the Munich art world.  One of the interesting things about the gathering I realized later was that very few people were smoking, this was a nice respite from the second hand smoke I have been contending with.  And another was their sitting room that I was hanging out in with a few people.  The walls were painted in such a color and rich texture of red that you felt that they were covered in velvet.  It was luscious.

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