Back in Munich

Well I have finally found my way back to Sibylle’s house. Two Paris Metros, A 7.5 hour train ride, a Munich tram then taxi back to laundry and pasta. I feel that motion sickness again, where even though my body is staying still I still feel like I am moving. Train legs perhaps.

But I have lit a candle, will start some tea, and just relax into the night in preparation of being a Munich Tourist tomorrow.

Had a happy meeting on the train back to Munich. I sat down to eat some lunch in the meal car and the man sitting across from me for some reason thought I was French and asked me in French if I could speak English. I was lost in a cloud of surviving on my limited French all week and did not quite understand so I just said oui. But then he asked me if I could help him translate the weather report.. He wanted to know what the Grand Bleu was. I guessed at the Atlantic Ocean in English then he said oh so you are American. I said yes and he explained how he was studying French and that he found the way they wrote the weather was very poetic and wanted to understand it better. I went on my way after,

But he remained in the dining car for the whole trip each time I passed him for a tea or snack, so the last time I ended up eating with him and sharing in conversation about travel, European History, Living in LA versus NY, He turns out to be a biologist, so I described my work with plants and we ended up chatting away for the rest of the 4 hour trip back to Munich. He was on his way to visit a friend, taking a year off to study French in Paris and beyond. He looks forward to seeing my show in June when he comes back to visit his friend again. His name is Rocky.

Time to get my feet back on the ground. And it is good to be back in Munich and for the first time in two weeks see the Moon and a clear sky. All I have had is rain, fog and drizzle. I just hope that the day tomorrow is just as clear so I can climb back up the tower to photograph the view across the city out to the surrounding landscape.

ta ta for now,


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