Grants Awarded and Residencies

2015Puffin Foundation, Project Grant for Marking Time at The Julio Valdez Project Space, Teaneck, NJ
Bronx Council on the Arts
, 2015 Community Arts and Arts Fund Grants, Bronx, NY
2014Andrew Freedman Home, Artist-in-Residence, Bronx, NY.
2013Emmanuel College, Artist-in-Residence, Boston, MA.
Manhattan Community Arts Fund for “Harlem Roots,” New York, NY.
2012Hudson Guild Fulton Center, Artist-in-Residence, New York, NY.
Manhattan Community Arts Fund, for Reflections in Tea, New York, NY.
2011Best 3-D Award, ART PRIZE 2011, Grand Rapids, MI.
Ox-Bow, Artist-in-Residence Program, Saugatuck, MI.
Quimby Art Colony, Artist-in-Residence, Portland, ME.
2010Manhattan Community Arts Fund, for Incubation, New York, NY.
2009The Greenwall Foundation, for Tea House Productions, New York, NY.
2008Manhattan Community Arts Fund, New York, NY.
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Artists and Communities Grant, Philadelphia, PA.
2007Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, 5 County Arts Fund Project Grant, Philadelphia, PA.
2006Creative Capital, Professional Development Workshop, LMCC, New York, NY.
2004Puffin Foundation, Project Grant for Re-futuring the Brownfields of Teaneck Creek , Teaneck, NJ.
2002Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, NY.
Change Inc., Emergency Support Grant, Captiva, FL.
2002Le Quai de la Batterie, Artist Residency Program, Arras, France.
Headlands Center for the Arts, Residency Program, Sausalito, CA.
2001New York Stock Exchange, for “Re-Covering the Cityscape”.
Metropolitan Life, for “Re-Covering the Cityscape” Arts Education Program.
2000New York State Council on the Arts’ Architecture, Planning & Design Program, Independent Projects.
Manhattan Community Arts Fund, New York, NY.
New York Foundation for the Arts, Fellisimo Fellow-Artists’ Fellowship, New York, NY.
1999Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Studio Space Program, New York, NY.
1998Richard Kelly Grant, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, New York, NY.
1997Puffin Foundation, Project Grant, LTD., Teaneck, NJ.
1996City of Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, Chicago, IL
1995City of Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, Chicago, IL
1994The Ruth Chenven Foundation, Project Grant, New York, NY.

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